View Full Version : creating kernel and initrd for ubuntu server image installation

December 6th, 2013, 12:39 PM

This might sound like tons of tutorial are out there, but I couldn't find information that I am looking for.

Basically my requirement is like this:
I have a root filesystem prepared, with which I wanted to create a bootable ISO. I created a live cd image which boots well with casper installed, with the help of the below tutorial:

But now, I need to create an installable system with my custom root fs that I have prepared. Basically, I need to install the filesystem.squashfs file I have on my iso image onto a machine's disk. I read many tutorials and got to know that I need to use the "debian-installer" with the "live-helper" udeb package. So, I will need a customized initrd.gz which has the debian-installer on its initramfs and will be triggered by the /init script on it.

Now the information that I am looking for, is how to create such a initrd image OR how to tweak my current initrd image (which is already present inside my rootfs) to trigger debian-installer to install it onto a system.

Or are there any tools which helps in creating debian-installer configured initramfs for my custom root filesystem ?

Thanks in advance.