View Full Version : [ubuntu] After Login System Freezes

November 13th, 2013, 04:24 PM
I've just installed 12.4 on an Ubuntu only machine.

The machine has a SW RAID array of two 2TB drives running under RAID1 as an 8GB swap and the rest as ext4.

The install (from alternate) runs without issue.

When the machine boots I am presented with the GUI logon screen. I put in my password and the machine starts up showing me the desktop; bar down RHS and mail, user and stop/start in the top right. However although the mouse pointer moves there is no response to a left or right click. Sometimes the pointer loses the ability to move; sometimes the top bar vanishes; sometimes it just stops. IOW the fault is unpredictable apart from the fact that it happens right at the start.

Machine is good as I have been running other OS on it. Discs are brand new and don't show any faults.

Any ideas.