View Full Version : 13.10 blankscreen crash after update - no booting

November 12th, 2013, 03:44 AM

I was just checking my email two days ago when the update manager asked me to update the machine. I said "fine! do it!", and so it did.

After that i've been unable to boot my 64bit 13.10... not even to the login screen.

At first, the screen flickered and froze, justa a second after showing me a message about a bad logical sector 1024 or something... I removed a cdrom from the bay and it went further, now it showed me the boot log, bt freezing again after loading virtualbox kernel modules.

Finally, the screen just went black and keyboard not responding. When I press the power button, it starts the shutdown process without problems.

Plus, BIOs looks weird: it doesnt let me get into the setup menu (it hangs, but this seems to be a totally different problem).

I've looked for similar problems on the net but no one seems to be have (exactly) the same issues (It's difficult to determine my case since i have no warnings of any kind, no signals, no error messages... maybe that little flickering of the screen has something to do)

So, I'm posting you the boot.log:


and, I wish to add kern.log, but it's a 2.1 Mb file and I can't uppload it.

Does anyone have this same issue? (or a way to fix it?)


ps. please help!

November 13th, 2013, 03:54 AM
I managed to extract the xserver log via ftp and found:

"[ 1826.065] (EE) Segmentation fault at address 0xfffffffffffffd50
[ 1826.065] (EE)
Fatal server error:
[ 1826.065] (EE) Caught signal 11 (Segmentation fault). Server aborting
[ 1826.065] (EE)
[ 1826.065] (EE)
Please consult the The X.Org Foundation support at http://wiki.x.org for help. "


So I'm hitting the net...

November 13th, 2013, 05:07 AM
Looks like i've nailed it... i'll give it a shot.


November 16th, 2013, 03:30 PM
it's working now!

all I did was:
1 start up in rescue mode
2 bring network online
3 start root session
4 uninstall nvidia drivers and setings tool
5 reboot in rescue mode
6 start network again
7 apt-get update, upgrade
8 start X in failsafe mode
9 choose 'reconfigure graphics' from menu
that's it!

It didnot happen at the first attempt; but when it did, 13.10 started up using the vesa graphics driver at 1200x940 resolution

The next time it booted up, it was already using the gallium open source driver at full resolution.

So, gladly i my computer is back online!


I hope this helps.


November 16th, 2013, 03:57 PM
You might look at "man apt-get" to see the difference between "upgrade" and "dist-upgrade". Contrary to what you might think from the "dist-" it does not change the distribution, it just makes sure that any new dependencies are met vs. skipping packages using "upgrade" if they have new dependencies. So if you are updating your system with "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get update" (instead of Update Manager), you may want to consider using "dist-upgrade" instead.

But I am new to the whole Intel/Nvidia dual graphics thing on a new laptop with 64-bit 13.10, so I am still trying to figure out how to get 32-bit graphic apps like steam to work without throwing errors that libGL.so.1 or other 32-bit libs they cannot find (even though there are 32-bit versions of those on the system).