View Full Version : [SOLVED] tired of Apache2 Start Fail: undefined symbol

November 11th, 2013, 03:56 AM
I searched again for "apache2 fail: undefind symbol" and found no good recent posts. I had this problem when I first installed the apache2 server and found out that is was the libapr libs. A "strings" on the usr/lib/apr* found the symbol. The newer versions in /usr/local/apr/lib did not have it. The .so was linked to the usr/lib version, but the /usr/local/lib/*.so.0 was not. I relinked the /usr/local/apr/*.lib.so.0 to the /usr/lib/libapr* versions and it fixed apache2 so it would start. It was running just fine for a long time, then a connect to my svn server failed. I found the same problem and fixed it. I do not know, but it was probably some upgrade which did it.