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November 6th, 2013, 07:51 PM
Hello guys

I got some tech books (Device Driver Development and the like) and I'd like
to get a good e-reader for them.

I've heard that the Kindle doesn't let you skip pages very fast (much less to do
text searches?), hence it won't work for me; for this kind of books that's a must...

I'd also like to write notes on them...

So far I'm considering the Sony reader

Does anyone knows on some other good e-reader that allows taking notes and if
possible performs text searches?

Let us know your opinions

November 6th, 2013, 11:52 PM
All either overpriced or bad for technical documents. 800 x 600 resolution is iust bad for diagrams and charts. Kindle DX is ideal. Tablet without eink works better than low res eink.Nook hd plus has a very nice screen.

November 9th, 2013, 11:04 AM
Go for Kindle/Amazon, but not because of Kindle hardware. It's the ubiquity of devices on which there is a Kindle app that make's Amazon's Kindle store infinitely more useful. I have 8 programming reference books that I like to have on me at all times, and various titles that I carry around to kill time/relax. I access this library on 3 devices:

1) iPhone (on the Tube)
2) iPad (cafes, bed, flights)
3) Numerous desktops/laptops (Amazon cloud reader)

All 3 provide a search box. And the table of contents is clickable too. All of my technical books also contain the major topics headers for each chapter in clickable form and this is usually the quickest way to find what I'm looking for.

It's the way things sync that is the 'killer app' for me personally. For example, yesterday I was reading a relevant section on JavaScript closures on the tube enroute to a client. I hopped off and walked to the clients. Meanwhile my iPhone's Kindle app was syncing where I'd got up to. I hopped on a desktop at the client's, loaded cloud reader in a browser, and the book opened right where I left off. This is very useful if you rely on technical books, and like your library, bookmarks and notes to follow you around.

On the way back I gave my brain a rest and let Jeremy Clarkson explain why Scrabble should be banned.

November 9th, 2013, 03:33 PM
I have Kindle DX and I have read some technical books. It has build-in pdf reader. Good and bad thing it has e-ink display. Good - no eye strain. Bad - it not very flexible search trough documents, slow and bad zoom feature, slow turning of pages. Now I would recommend iPad Air, or some tablet with good screen. If you have problems with eye strain, there are good glasses for it - search Gunnar optiks, which I am using for any lcd/reading quite a lot now.

Also 6 inch ebook reader is best for novels, not for technical stuff

November 10th, 2013, 02:55 PM
iPad is good for a lot of things.