View Full Version : [all variants] Installation procedure - keyboard layout vs wifi

November 3rd, 2013, 08:06 PM
Why does choosing keyboard layout have to come so late in the installation procedure, when it really should be amongst the first things to do?

When you connect to your wifi, you (usually) have to type a password. If this password contains special characters, you can have a really hard time entering your password if your keyboard layout is something else than English. I was hoping, since I can skip the wifi connection step, to be able to move forward to keyboard layout and then go back to wifi to enter my password, but choosing layout is only available after commiting partitioning and installation to disk.

Maybe if I would choose my language from the start, keyboard layout would match - but I have plenty good reasons for wanting my system language to be English even if my keyboard layout isn't. So in my opinion it'd make more sense to choose keyboard layout, region, etc at the very beginning, before connecting to wifi.

I recently installed both Kubuntu 13.10 and Ubuntu Studio 13.10 and both into have this less than ideal way of setting up the installation procedure.

Thankful for any and all feedback.