View Full Version : Install Stuck on New System

November 1st, 2013, 10:42 PM
I am building a plex media server and am wanting to use Ubuntu as the os. Got the components and everything hooked up (not my first build, but my first Ubuntu unit). Went to install and cant get it.

Here is the info:

I have gotten it to but from the flash drive and it will display the Ubuntu logo with the dots changing from red to white underneath. At this point one of three things happen. It seems to freeze, it goes to the Ubuntu purple screen that is blank otherwise with no prompts, or two gray bars appear at the top of the screen with the logo still displayed.

I used version 13.10 and 12.04 without different results. I loaded the flash drive with Universal ISB according to the instructions.

The server has one sata 250g drive in as I am just trying to get it to work at the moment. A 2.7 dual core APU and 4 gigs of ram.

I have also managed to bring up a choice screen that allows me to choose from installing or trying by pressing F1 before the logo with the dots pops up.

I have tried pressing shift and down, that manages to bring up the information like it is supposed to until the suspected freeze happens.

Any info on how I might get this working would be much appreciated, thanks!

November 11th, 2013, 01:39 AM

I would suggest installing Ubuntu 12.04LTS for a home server that's headless. I have plex running great on 12.04 LTS.