View Full Version : [SOLVED] Lightning quits working after Thunderbird upgrade

Rex Bouwense
November 1st, 2013, 03:15 PM
I have been using Thunderbird since the 0.9 version and Lightning (its calendar add on) for many years. After an automatic update of Thunderbird to 24.1, Lightning quit working. After some research I discovered that you have to manually download the correct Lightning version (2.6.2).


I place this here because I know that there are some *buntu users that use Thunderbird and Lightning.

There is a bug in Thunderbird 24 on Linux that breaks add-ons compatibility between minor releases. Therefore you have to use a dedicated Lightning release according to your Thunderbird version. Use

Lightning 2.6 with Thunderbird 24.0
Lightning 2.6.1 with Thunderbird 24.0.1
Lightning 2.6.2 with Thunderbird 24.1.0