View Full Version : Ideology So are you ready for new hardware? 6month 1/2 price

July 18th, 2006, 10:19 PM
Hi this is for anywone thinking of buying new computer hardware. First I managed to read that the new intel cpu's are comming out on July 27 and AMD probably will uickly follow suit with a new processor or a price drop.

Anyways what does this mean for hardware purchases. Actualy if you are buying bleeding edge then you can get bleeding edge but from what I have observed for a long time now there seems to be a drastic price drop for hardware taht has been out for about 6 months or so. Now the big thing about this is the prices of 6 month old hardware seems to be about half the price of bleeding edge.

Now this also allows you many options with doing a bare bone upgrade where you use you hard drive and parts other than Motherboard, cpu and ram which can lead to a very sweet buying proice. Another option is buying a bare bones system and again use you exzisting guts. Yet another option is to buy a motherboard cpu combo which again results with great savings. Either wasy waiting for a month or so can lead to better purchase price for a specific computer bones or result in much better hardware than what is currently available at that price.

Anyways Does anyone else have any expertise on computer bones purchasing as I am very interested in this.