View Full Version : [ubuntu] Black screen after installation, only on GTX 780

October 21st, 2013, 01:55 AM
I just tried to install 13.10 release. Last time I wasn't able to get 13.04 to work on my machine. I am using 4770K + GTX780 in SLI. So far, this is my experience:

1) With GTX cards in SLI, liveCD won't boot
2) Leave only one GTX780 card, I was able to boot LiveCD and perform the installation. After the installation and various bootloader fix, I can select Ubuntu for booting, but I had a black screen. Even recovery mode is not coming up.
3) If I uninstall all GTX cards, I was able to boot the exactly same installation. Then I manually removed nvidia-current and installed nvidia-319 (which has 780 support). After the installation, the system still boots fine as long as I have Nvidia cards unplugged. If I plugin NV cards, it's again a black screen, and even recovery mode is not coming up.

I can see that it hangs the moment it loads nv module. Any ideas?