View Full Version : How do you remove nonworking menu items like suspend so no one clicks on them?

October 13th, 2013, 02:43 PM
I dont want people to suspend the desktops and then they dont wake up.
So just eliminate the visible option. If they do not see it they wont miss it and wont think it is broken.

October 13th, 2013, 05:01 PM
I right-click on the "action button" (the one used to log out or suspend) and that brings up a menu from which I select "Properties." That gives me a dialog which includes a list of "Visible actions." Just un-check the Suspend and Hibernate entries and they're no longer shown.

However I'm using Xubuntu and its window manager differs from that used in "standard" Ubuntu, so you may have somewhat different methods to deal with configuration. This may give you a lead to follow even then, though...

October 13th, 2013, 06:24 PM
Thank you, JKyleOKC - you answered a question I never thought to ask! I've just tuned up my "action button" by your method!

October 13th, 2013, 07:58 PM
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