View Full Version : [ubuntu] Separate Desktop with NVIDIA Quadro 4000

October 3rd, 2013, 05:13 AM
Please suggest me how to configure the separate desktop with NVIDIA Quadro 4000 2x (GPU 0 & GPU 1) in Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (3.2.0-52 generic kernel version).
I tried the following method.
1. In NVIDIA settings ,X Server Display Configuration -> Configuration
b.Separate X screen(requires X restart)
I selected the option "b" for separate Desktop, but the second display (GPU 1) has no desktop but it filled with white screen, mouse cursor display is like X mark and keyboard input was not taking.
In Xinerama the extended display has the Unity Launcher also extended to second display(GPU 1), but extended display means the GUP 0 has to extended to GPU 1.

But in 10.04 LTS (2.6.32 kernel) it was working fine with same NVIDIA Quadro 4000 for separate desktop in this version.

I want to make three separate desktop with two GPU's. (Like three different machine has the different desktop)

Thank you,
Nani Sahu