View Full Version : [grub] Select grub entries over LAN

September 14th, 2013, 11:04 AM
In my apartment I've got two computers: one that I use only for downloading and the main one that I use for everything else.
Recently I've changed the arrangement of rooms and I want to keep the small one without screen, keyboard and mouse and control it over the lan with the aid of the other.
I managed to boot it with gwakeonlan, wait till completely booted and the control it through teamviewer.
Both pcs are equipped with double OSs (Ubuntu - Windows) and I'd like to improve this booting over lan process,
being able to select the various grub entries and choose remotely between Ubuntu and Windows.
How can I achieve this? I'm really lost ... maybe PXE boot ... but I knew that this was for installing the OS without CD or USB.
If you need further info just ask. I'm sorry about my poor English but I'm not a native speaker ...