View Full Version : [ubuntu] Plymouth error every time I boot up

September 11th, 2013, 03:28 AM
Every time I boot up, I get a pop-up that says "System Problem Detected". I click on report problem and after enter the admin password I get a button to show details. When I click on it I get the following. I can't copy & paste so these are the things that seem important to me:


plymouth 0.8.8-0ubuntu6.2

Problem Type

plymouthd crashed with SIGSEGV in script_obj_deref_direct()


Any ideas on how to fix this or is there a way to reinstall plymouth?

September 11th, 2013, 08:18 AM
You can find the full text in a file in the folder /var/crash.

Secondly, after you click to report it, does anything else happens, like a more information needed or a web browser opens.
Plus, which version of ubuntu?

Though copying the line
plymouthd crashed with SIGSEGV in script_obj_deref_direct()

into my browser search came across plenty of varying bug reports.

September 11th, 2013, 02:42 PM
I'm using 13.04. Should have mentioned that.
I'll search on the plymouthd crashed line. I wasn't really sure what I should key in on when searching for a fix.