View Full Version : How do you imagine tomorrow's Cloud Computing Landscape ?

August 18th, 2013, 06:20 PM

I need IT people and visionary smart people to draw cloud computing's future by participating this topic. Regrading the late events and issues that the cloud computing world is facing, I'm wondering whether some major changes will occur or not.

I've prepared a short survey to assess your awareness of the cloud computing's situation (5-10 minutes). This survey will also provide you with more information about the subject and the problematic I want to discuss. But these information cannot be disclosed here before, otherwise it would fake the survey's results.


Thanks for completing it, and see you here for the discussion about this subject.


August 19th, 2013, 06:54 PM
Not a lot of enthusiasm here, I think it would be legit to disclose the subject a bit more.

Within the last 3 years, the two biggest cloud computing issue, data loss and privacy violation, were based on political, institutional, and legal actions. These two cases are Megaupload and Prism.

Megaupload was a website created in 2005 by Kim Dotcom (aka Kim Schmitz) that proposed online file storage and sharing service. The 30th January 2012, The United States Department of Justice shut down MegaUpload’s servers and seized data on FBI request, on the assumption that all users were being presumed guilty of exchanging copyrighted files. 180,000,000 registered accounts were suspended, and the access to the 25,000 hosted terabyte of data suspended until further notice. KimDotCom stated that «The lost data includes "millions of personal Megaupload files, petabyte of pictures, backups, personal and business property" and that it was "the largest data massacre in the history of the internet" on his own twitter account.

Prism codename US-984XN is a clandestine mass electronic surveillance ran by the National (NSA) and managed by the United States Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC). The existence of Prism was leaked in June 2013 by Edward Snowden, an ex NSA consultant, who warned that the extent of mass data collection. According to Edward Snowden, the NSA had a direct, unlimited and uncontrolled access to data hosted by most of the American’s IT companies among which Google, Facebook, YouTube, Microsoft, Yahoo!, Skype, AOL and Apple. (Glenn Greenwald and Ewen MacAskill, The Guardian, 2013). The NSA engaged itself in "criminal" activity by "hacking" civilian infrastructure networks in other countries such as "universities, hospitals, and private businesses", (Mezzofiore, Gianluca International Business Times, 2013.).

These two cases prove that American government / instances are actually responsible of the biggest cloud computing data loss / privacy violation. I’m currently investigating whether or not, these two recent cases will influence tomorrow’s cloud computing end users behavior. What do you think about it? Here are a few questions that could drive you in responding before being able to write whatever you want.