View Full Version : jEdit and backtick

March 23rd, 2005, 06:13 PM

I've got a problem with jEdit (and probably any other Java based program). I cannot type a backtick (`) nor a tilde (~), the only option to insert it is to do this via clipboard (which is very inconvenient). I have a German keyboard layout, so the backtick is on the key next to backspace combined with shift, and the tilde in the upper row next to the enter key, combined with "alt gr". The @ sign (which is altgr-q on german keyboards) work, so I guess it does not have to do with that special modifying key.

I know that those characters can be combined with letters (as or ), so reaching these characters in gnome requires me to press them double or with a space afterwards.

Could you give me any advice on how to fix this or at least determine what kind of problem this is (jEdit or Java). jEdit has a keyboard tester, it prints the following for the named chars:

backtick `
Event KEY_PRESSED,keyCode=0x10,keyChar=0xffff,modifiers= 0x1 filtered
tilde ~
Event KEY_RELEASED,keyCode=0x209,keyChar=0xfe53,modifier s=0x20 passed

Thanks for your help, kirk