View Full Version : Reboot after installation freezes on "Asking all remaining processes to terminate"

July 7th, 2013, 01:39 PM
So. I start with a macbook with Windows installed on a separate partion thanks to boot camp. I download ubuntu 12.04 while using Windows, mount the cd image and hit setup. I choose to install it on the windows partion (it only gave me the option of installing it on the Windows partion or osx partion but i was told that at installation it would give me the option to choose whether it installs alongside these partions or i could delete a partion completely and replace it, which is what i wanted to do, deleting the mac partion and replacing it with ubuntu).

It reboots my computer and boots up into ubuntu and starts installing then after that's done it goes to reboot again and gets stuck on the screen shown in the pic. I try hitting enter then mashing buttons and holding the power button but it does nothing, presumably because the macbook drivers for the touchpad, keyboard etc haven't been installed yet. It's been like this for at least an hour now and I've unplugged it and am waiting for the battery to drain because I can't turn it off. Can anyone help me fix this?

tl;dr pic related, that screen shows after ubuntu installation reboots computer (running windows through boot camp)