View Full Version : [xubuntu] Auto Overclocking During Game?

July 4th, 2013, 10:56 PM
Hi, so it's summer time, and I'm bored, so I started messing around with my laptop, which had Ubuntu 13.04 installed on, and decided to try out new environments, and I cam across Xubuntu, which I found was my personal favorite.
So anyway, bored as usual, I decided to play a bit of Minecraft, and when I was playing, I turned on the dev stats during the game (shows the FPS, and Co-ordinates and memory usage), and I found that it was MUCH faster than windows, yet too fast.

The game was running on 70fps when there are lots of entities, mobs, and NPCs. But in other cases, it goes on average to 100 fps, and even 200 FPS.

My laptop is pretty good, i7 processor, graphics card Nvidia GT200M which is OK.
On windows it would barely cross 60FPS.

anyway, here's my issue.
My laptop starts to overheat, I'm guessing it needs new thermal paste, but that's somewhat normal, what's abnormal though, is after I switched to Xubuntu, and started getting these abnormal frame rates in the game, my computer got so hot, that the keyboard went crazy, it takes two seconds for the computer to respond to any button I press, and the laptop got very hot, too hot, that I had to switch it off and let it cool down in order for my keyboard to work.

Now, on Ubuntu, this never happened, but on Xubuntu -and i don't have proper knowledge of this- I think it's letting the processor overclock or something, because in the game I put the video setting to run on maximum FPS, which, generally I wouldn't expect such a huge result, which, I guess, is one of the perks of Linux.

Is this normal, is it that the system is allowing the processor to overclock, or is it that it's probably a programming error or some kind of backfire from the game.

PS. I'm using OpenJDK7 and MC Open Launcher to play the game.