View Full Version : [xubuntu] Need help with iMac install external HD boot

June 7th, 2013, 05:03 AM
Okay, so my iMac is broken. The hard drive refuses to cooperate so I figure it's probably gone bad, what with it not wanting to install any operating systems, including the original mac OS. I think it was tiger.
So I figured it wasn't a huge deal I'd duct tape a hard drive to the back of it and make it boot from that through a USB, I installed Xubuntu on that external hard drive and ended up getting a File Not Found. Grub rescue> message and now I'm sad because honestly I feel as though I'm just tech savvy enough to screw myself over thinking I'm knowing what I'm doing when I don't.
So I have a goal, get my iMac to boot from the external hard drive from now on, which has Xubuntu on it. Does anyone know how I can manage this? Because the original hard drive is not something I care about. It manages to go to about the half way point of copying files in installations and then it decides to cop out of whatever I'm uploading to it. Xubuntu, Ubuntu or Tiger. So I'm giving up on it because I have extra hard drives lying around. I got this as a christmas present anyway.
Any time I try to load the OS from disc it's unbelievably slow.