View Full Version : [ubuntu] Double-click control menu to close window

April 30th, 2013, 04:30 AM
I have installed and used Fedora, Ubuntu, & Mint over several years and only one extreme annoyance keeps me going back to Windows. I want to be able to double-click the upper left corner of any window in order to close it. No, not move the X over to the left side. That is simple but not what I need. I want to leave the X on the right and have the freedom to close the window from either side, just as every version of Windows since 95 can do. It is not efficient to roll back and forth across the screen just to click the X, and I feel like an idiot watching the window maximize when I double-click. Only clicking the title bar should do that (and yes I want to keep that too, not turn every double-click into a close command, just those double-clicks that I make on the upper-left corner).I am starting to use Zorin now, but it still lacks this basic function. Can somebody please guide me to what setting I need? Or any Linux that will do it? I really do not want to be stuck with Windows, but I am already committed this feature. Please, some advice that does not involve me unlearning 20 years of window closing technique.

May 1st, 2013, 03:35 PM
I was hoping to get a response. I would gladly pay $500 for a mainstream version of Linux that has Wine and DosBox built-in, testable on Live DVD, and most of all respects double-click-to-close right out of the box. I simply don't want to recompile crap and download a bunch of hacks to get a basic backward-compatible system, which then I must redo on every PC and redo upon every clean installation. Sadly I must go buy Windows now and dislike every moment, but at least I have option to run a working desktop that can close windows the classical way, and I know that I tried to get through and join the good side but it didn't work out.

May 4th, 2013, 05:52 AM
I found a solution for closing on the left without a big sacrifice. Hopefully this helps somebody. I installed Mint XFCE, went into Window Manager, dragged the "menu" option from Hidden to Active. Now I can close the window on the left (double-click menu button) or right (X). After I tweak the mouse to 400ms, now Maximize by double-clicking the title also works (and so does the usual Alt-F4 as somebody pointed out). I am happy. Closing is quick. Everything works!! Good thing I didn't pay Microsoft again for their junk.