View Full Version : [ubuntu] Unity Crashes After Login

April 26th, 2013, 07:21 PM
I upgraded to 13.04. All seem to have went well with that except after the reboot upon login the screen pixelates for a moment, gets to normal and unity crashes. The desktop itself is shown but no side or top bars. During the several reboots I have noticed that maybe 1 our of every 5 reboots/logins it actually does work. Everything works fine when it does login.

I tried reinstalling unity, added sleep to lightddm just in case it was a display card issue. I renamed the .gconf and .compiz. I found a few guides on askubunutu for similar although not identical issues and nothing helped.

So I created a new user finally. That works. The new user so far has always been able to login. I have rebooted on it five times or so. Switching back to the other user same issues occur.

Any other ideas on what could be causing it? I really dont want to have to move everything over to the new user but guess that is an option.

Thanks in advance on this one.