View Full Version : [ubuntu] install of ubuntu 12.04 brings me to magenta screen

April 22nd, 2013, 07:47 PM
I first installed 12.10 on a computer with two hard drives, one basically unused. Put ubuntu on that one and installation went well. Then the system upgraded and called for a restart and I couldn't get back in. Got to a command prompt and was able to bring up desktop by typing restore maybe? So decided that maybe 12.10 was too new and installed 12.04 which I have and use on the computer I am on now. After the install I restarted, had it boot from the second drive and all I get is a magenta screen. I did get a series of messages when I tried to get 12.10 to install from the loader saying connect-debounce failed port 2 disabled-don't know if that is related to current problem. Any help appreciated. An update to this-the desktop did finally come up after a series of lines stating the connect-debounce failed -am updating now and hopefully will work on a restart. And then things went from bad to worse. Windows would no longer load. I tried a boot-repair cd and Windows would still no longer load and Ubuntu would only load after a long wait, and then after a failure to mount message on a windows blue screen I went into the bios and reset it to default, and then somehow lost all usb support and can't use the keyboard to get in anywere. Epic fail. Doorstop.