View Full Version : [ubuntu] autofs intermittently fails on 12.10

April 12th, 2013, 05:31 PM
I mount my thunderbird folder via an automounted folder on my NAS.
This works flawlessly on 12.04, which my desktop is and my laptop was.

I upgraded my laptop to 12.10 and about 50% of the time I receive an error from Thunderbird that the mountpoint isn't accessable.
I discovered if I issue a cd /mnt/email that will mount successfully. Recently I have gotten errors when doing that as well and found if I cd /mnt/backup (another mountpoint) then I can cd /mnt/email.

Again, 50% of the time it works just fine and under 12.04 100% of the time it worked fine.

Has anyone else seen this or is aware of any issues here.

I have not seen any relevant log messages.