View Full Version : [ubuntu] live dvd problem with 13.04 32bit

April 8th, 2013, 12:49 AM
Today downloaded the daily beta2 for 13.04 32bit. Tried it on Acer Aspire 3003. Had LinuxMint and Xp on Hard drive
but this shouldn't affect the live beta dvd.iso. It got as far as the white line across the top of the screen and did
not put the icons in it at the top right. The rest of the screen was gray. It then continued and an arrow came
up in the middle of the screen and it then flashed and then lines on a violet screen and after it tried many times,
I pulled the plug on this laptop.

Took the same Live DVD to an old Dell 4550 computer and it opened perfectly. Had a Cisco AM 10 usb wireless
and Ubuntu had a driver that installed and got 54Mbps. Firefox worked fine. Computer had 1 MB memory.

The laptop has I thought 1MB memory but it seems to be only 958 MB. Will have to run a memory test to
see what gives. During the Acer boot, it came up with the Ubuntu prompt a couple of times which I didn't
notice on the Dell live boot.