View Full Version : [ubuntu] 12.04 install alongside 11.10 with FX5200 card problems

April 8th, 2013, 12:04 AM
I have 11.10 installed with mythtv and figured it was time to update. I used gparted to shrink my 11.10 partition to about 400G and give me an 800G partition for 12.04. I had gparted format to ext4.

When I loaded 12.04 install CD (32 bit) it found 11.10 and I selected "alongside" and also tried "something else". When it showed me the disk partitions it showed two of about 400 G each but no labels on either and a note below about there being smaller partitions not shown. Strange since one was my main 11.10 partition and nearly as big. I figured out it must be subdividing the new partition, which didn't make any sense. Is this a bug? Anyway, I forged on...

I installed and when booted it told me "compiz has closed unexpectedly". After a couple such messages I told it to not load it (which was an option I was given)

Apparently this has something to do with my FX5200 video card?

I can get a text login with ctrl-alt-F1 and even got the GUI to come up once after a long delay.

I see there are some messages posted about problems with older nvidia hardware but am having a hard time following the details...

April 8th, 2013, 01:04 AM
A bit more info:
Grub links to sda1 for 11.10 and sda6 for 12.04.

using gparted:
sda1 497G 197G used boot
sda3 454G 7.3G used
sda5 2G swap
sda6 444G 9.9G used

So it appears that my sda3 partition was reduced during install of 12.04 and sda6 was created. Looks like things were put into both but I am not sure what.

Perhaps I should just have made space and not created sda3? Can I just delete sda3 and sda6 now and reinstall? I would probably have to remove the existing grub entry for booting the current 12.04 at sda6?

Thankfully 11.10 still boots ok. That's partly why I went this route instead of an upgrade...

BTW, rescue CD 'wizard' works fine with my hardware. Why can't a more recent distro at least boot with a functional (although perhaps not optimal) display? My rescue CD is at least a couple years old.

April 8th, 2013, 02:02 AM
Should have used "Manual" at the partition menu and manually selected the partition to use. You can still go back and select that method... delete sda3 and sda6, create sda6 with the unused space and use the existing swap as swap. I mean you just installed... and now have some extra blank partitions right?

Some people like to create a new swap just for hibernation instances... but in reality, you only use one instance of an OS at a time, so I don't see any need of wasting more space.

And nvidia FX5200... yes, use a suitable driver. since you used in 11.10, you already know...

April 8th, 2013, 10:06 PM
My understanding is that the old drivers don't work with 12.04 and that there are new ones that should be used, so no, I don't already know. I wish someone would enlighten me...

I do remember something about loading the drivers in 11.10. Something ending in 173 as I recall, which from my reading has issues. And I also put vmalloc=256MB at the end of the grub boot line. Not sure if that is still needed.