View Full Version : [ubuntu] Problems saving account and apps on Ubuntu 12.10

Ron Tuininga
April 1st, 2013, 08:48 AM
Hi guys,

I installed Ubuntu 12.10 on a desktop computer, but allthough the installation went quitly, I do not seem to be able to save my account, or the programs (apps) I installed since the install of Ubuntu 12.10, and have to start clean every time I boot up.
Practicly every time I boot up, I get a message that my disks need te be checked for consistency, and when booted up I get a occasional message that some program was unable to start up, and the system wants to send a error report.

Be gentle, as I have been a Windows administrator for years but purposly never wanted anything to do with Linux, but now that I installed Ubuntu I (just like with Windows) dont want to stop before I fix the problem at hand and try Ubuntu a bit longer.

Here is a Pastebin report: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5666592/

I allready checked XFCE with:

ls -l ~/.config/xfce4/ | grep panel && ls -l ~/.config/xfce4/ ls -l ~/.config/xfce4/xfconf && ls -l ~/.config/xfce4/xfconf/xfce-perchannel-xml/

and it told me no such file or folder was found?

I also have problems installing my NVidia drivers, but believe it is related.

Any help would be really appreciated :-)