View Full Version : [ubuntu] PC froze during upgrade, boot stuck in 'enabling laptop mode' now

April 1st, 2013, 07:35 AM
My PC had been having some intermittent freezing issues, so instead of just checking nvidia drivers, I decided to do a far overdue kernel upgrade (to 12.04 LTS, i believe, maybe 11.04...).
Halfway through the installation, my computer froze completely. Now, I can get into the previous kernel menu, but none of the options get past the ubuntu loading screen, and its stuck in 'enabling laptop mode'...(If I try another kernel/recovery/etc, it will say that I have the option to run in low-graphics mode for a session, troubleshoot, etc - but none of those options work, nor do they get past the aforementioned screen). I can get into a command line from the kernel menu for grub, but nothing else that I enter there works either...and I don't understand why it's stuck when trying to boot anyway, esp where it's doing so - (its a PC, not a laptop...but really, i just want to get past this and make sure that I can recover my data/etc).
Hoping this is an easy/obvious fix that I've just been overlooking...but c'est ca.
Any ideas?

April 1st, 2013, 09:56 AM
You were upgrading from what version to what version of Ubuntu?

Simplest solution will be to BACK UP your Important DATA (using Ubuntu LiveCD/DVD/USB) and Re-INSTALL.

In future, UPDATE your Ubuntu regularly. And if possible try to do a clean install of new Ubuntu release instead of Upgrading.