View Full Version : Six hours troubleshooting email on Droid X

March 28th, 2013, 11:35 PM
One of my colleagues has a Droid X, possibly X2. For the past three days it was giving this error of "com.motorola.service.main has stopped unexpectedly" when he'd try to access his Exchange email. The forum posts I saw off Google didn't help, normal trouble shooting steps for me didn't work, Verizon and Motorola couldn't help, even restoring the phone didn't help. Alas, I just tried unchecking mail, contacts and calendars and re checking them and son of a gun, it worked.

I have very little experience with Android and things like this make me happy about that. Just venting really but maybe someone will find this post in the future and not have to go through what I did. Has anyone else had similar experiences? I've been using an iPhone for quite sometime and while it's far from perfect, it meets my needs.

Thanks, Mike

March 29th, 2013, 11:22 AM
Please, please, please don't think that Android is anything like what you've experienced.

Motorola phones are the worst of the bunch for Android. My father bought a Motorola Defy and had endless problems with the software, hardware, bad battery life and terrible performance. He was about to go out and buy a new iPhone as he liked his old iPhone 3G. Reflashing the Defy with Cyanogenmod (which is closer to regular Android) fixed all his problems and he actually became an Android fan, eventually buying a Nexus 7 tablet.

The problem with Motorola's phones is not that Android is bad, but rather that Motorola's additions to Android are bad.

I've also had problems with iOS devices; an APN that works on a Nexus 7 doesn't work on an iPad, you have to reboot the iPad after changing APN settings (is it still 1998?!), wifi signal strength is much weaker than other phones and tablets, and sometimes apps will just crash on startup until you install another app (known problem). Also, you need to get your carrier's permission to tether your iOS device, which sometimes means having to pay a monthly fee.

I'm not saying iOS is bad, but I've had a lot more trouble with iOS than I have with any non-Motorola Android device.

March 30th, 2013, 04:59 PM
Thanks for the response,

I do think that Android has a lot to offer but I would personally never consider anything other than the Nexus line. If Ubuntu does come out with a tablet, that might be better but I'm not ruling out the possibility of an Android device in my future.


April 1st, 2013, 10:52 AM
I'm thinking a Samsung or a Nexus would be good. However, the best Samsung phones are pretty expensive and the Nexus 4 is made by LG - I know LG has the highest defective return rates and recall rates of any major consumer electronics manufacturer, so I'm not champing at the bit to buy a Nexus 4.