View Full Version : [gnome] vesafb issue after cleanup and can't boot past login screen

March 26th, 2013, 05:28 AM
I've been searching for an answer for a couple days and if this has been covered, please forgive me and please point me in the right direction.

The other night, I was doing cleanup before imaging my partition, as I usually do with bleachbit, janitor, and removing a couple cache directories. This time, the only thing I changed was I included "localizations" in bleachbit. My system seemed to lose every graphical quality and I rebooted. Upon rebooting, I get the following error I've seen documented abundantly: "FAIL: Error inserting vesafb (/location/vesafb.ko) No such device". I had this before and gave up, ultimately restoring from a previous clone zilla image. This time, unfortunately, I can't because I have a plethora of data not backed up that I need access to.

I've seen plenty of posts on this and all the recommendations don't work. Upon boot, it no longer boots directly into the OS, rather takes me to a login window, it attempts to login after so many seconds, I get the error and a black screen, it takes me back to the login window, and repeats.

I have the boot menu hidden with startup manager and need to get to it or a command line to repair, recover, etc. I've tried all recommendations I've seen of depressing "shift", "esc", and even someone mentioning "alt+ctrl+f1". The latter didn't seem to do anything while trying during startup. However, when I depress "shift", I see "Grub loading." and nothing after. It attempts to go back to the login screen and it's cyclical repetition of annoyance.

(As an update, I've gotten to the live cd and updated grub. I now have a boot menu if I hold shift down but that's it - same errors, same everything... Any ideas?)

Any help is greatly appreciated! Thank you!