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February 27th, 2013, 10:15 PM
I am working on building a meshbox but there are no operating systems out there to support what I want to do. I was wondering if there is anyone out there who would help me. I am a huge fan of ubuntu even though I dont program and would really like a Linux platform. The box (basically a CPU without a monitor or keyboard) will be stationary.

I plan on building some mesh routers and giving them to people close by (i am also hoping that I can spark some interest in building both the boxes and the routers). These are the problems I need addressed
1) I need the ability to lock files in (ie cant be deleted)
2) the ability to force delete files.
3)Eventually as boxes are added I would like to see files distributed across multiple boxes either in packets or as whole files.
4) Another feature that I want to see eventually is the ability for the system to automatically monitor and control its data. I.E. if there are 500 boxes the system designates 25 units to host one file, if there is an attack on a certain file it will automatically duplicate that file, if someone tries to overwhelm the system by flooding the hard-drives the system will recognize the over storage and delete the files.
5) I would also like to make it so that Ubuntu users on the mesh will be able to run cloud applications. The ability to create user profiles might be helpful.

I am posting this here because I would like to see the phone OS take meshing into consideration to help facilitate data transfer.

I really see this as important to fight against other SOPA attempts and the tightening of controls on information.