View Full Version : [ubuntu] New HDMI Monitor won't show Unity menu

February 26th, 2013, 01:01 AM
My old Seiki flat screen died, and I now have an ACER 22". It's also and HDMI connection, like the Seiki was.

The screen is wider, and the mouse is off. When it is in the top middle of the screen, the pull down menus from the far right top come down -- volume, calendar, shut down menus.

When I position the mouse cursor on the far left, expecting the Unity menu to appear, nothing appears. If I click on the far left of the screen, some icon from the center of the screen opens.

I am on Ubuntu 11.10, and am willing to upgrade (finally) to 12.04 to fix this, but cannot even get to the Unity menu to do this.

Does anyone have any advice on drivers for either this Acer monitor or my mouse, if that is the issue?

How can I upgrade without the Unity menu?