View Full Version : Ubuntu mobile/tablet - will it support Flash and Java?

February 22nd, 2013, 06:57 PM

I've been given an iPad by work. It's handy for basic browsing, shopping and emailing but what frustrates me all the things that don't work, like Flash and Java.

While I know I could jailbreak it and install Frash - or run a cloud broswer - it'd be great if they just worked.

Do you think Ubuntu tablet/mobile edition will work with these things without much fuss?

The lack of flash/java is a pain in educational institutions - my colleague just wants this to work on a tablet!: http://atschool.eduweb.co.uk/rgshiwyc/school/curric/French/Primary/Clothes/Clothes8.htm


February 22nd, 2013, 07:10 PM
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