View Full Version : GVFS-Update and Android

February 19th, 2013, 08:48 PM
For a long time I simply accepted, that there is no easy way to connect an Android phone ,that no longer has mass storage support. Until the Update of GVFS (http://linuxundich.de/de/ubuntu/gvfs-update-ermoglicht-unter-ubuntulinux-endlich-den-bequemen-zugriff-auf-android-gerate-via-mtp/).

Connecting seems to work out of the box now. I can see most files (no hidden ones) and I can move and write. However, as soon as I try to use an application like Banshee or Clementine, weird things start to happen. I get error messages like this (http://i.imgur.com/1NjJAba.png). Always after closing this message a similar one appears with the last number being "27". After that message I can no longer access the phone in nautilus. Only reconnecting and closing any applications able to interfere with devices seems to resolve the problem so far.

To be fair... I don't even know if this is the fault of GVFS. When I got my phone half a year ago I tried many things to get it connect and I don't remember all of it. I wrote some auto mount scripts specifically for this phone, but I don't know how to erase them :/

Thank you for your help!