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February 13th, 2013, 11:40 PM
We have 115 members in the MoLoCo at the moment and I would like you take a few minutes and introduce yourselves to each other. We have new technologies and new demographics in our membership and some of it is foreign to anybody as a individual but not as a team.
Describe your machine and your experiences and what you expect and need from this team and how we can support you and why you came to Linux and what you can contribute.

My name is Galen Hugh DeBord, I operate what is at this time 12.10 Ubuntu with KDE and Gnome Classic as a optional boot with a XP dual boot for Freelancer Discovery 4.85 which is modified beyond the community mod quite a bit. I also have modified as much I can Evochron Legends beyond the original program.
In Linux and Ubuntu I operate without too many lags 256 programs which operate without serious flaws or crashes.
I am trying to start learning programming with C++ as a starting point. I am looking for a newbie computer programming language at the moment.
I run a 1.6 dual core AMD with a 64 bit OS and 4GB of 800MHz dual channel Kingston memory, I have modified the original system which was a eMachine with a 2TB 7200rpm Seagate and a old reclaimed DVD-RAM to include a new case, a 1GB video card and added a 2TB Seagate Expansion external hard drive with a 500GB Seagate external drive and several aftermarket upgrades in controllers, keyboards and so forth.

I am the moderator and team contact person for MoLoCo and if you need any help this is the place and I am the person.

I am available at glndbrd4@gmail.com if you want to holler anytime.