View Full Version : [kubuntu] KDE 4.10 - Theme Adjustments...

February 13th, 2013, 10:23 PM
Hello! I'm curious if any KDE theme experts out there would know how I can adjust something on this theme. Being a Unity fan and a newfound KDE user, I wanted to model my setup after Unity, which was braindead easy once I created a 2nd panel and positioned them to the up/left screen edges. I went through a thousand themes as a lot of users do and I'm left with one I really, really like, known as NewLimix. The only curve ball is I'd like to be able to make the active applications "brighter" or more noticeable somehow within the icon task manager.

http://ompldr.org/taGdkbA (http://ompldr.org/vaGdkbA/updatedscreenshot1.png)

Currently Skype, Chrome, Firefox, Clementine, and Konsole are open. If I click on one of the applications, it gets super dark, signifying this is the active window. I'm curious what I would have to edit to make the open, but non-active windows a bit more noticeable. Sort of like how Glassified has it set up:

http://ompldr.org/taGdkbw (http://ompldr.org/vaGdkbw/updatedscreenshot2.png)

Any insight?