View Full Version : [lubuntu] Application task bar icons disappeared

February 7th, 2013, 01:37 PM
Okay, fresh Lubuntu 12.10 install.
Now, I have three monitors running off two video cards thanks to Nvidia, but the set up has its quirks. The two monitors on the same video card are treated as one, so application windows sometimes require some tweaking.

I opened AbiWord, happen to click Maximize, and it went full screen, but I couldn't find any "unmaximize" button. After some fiddling, finally managed to get hold of the edges and resize it -- but somewhere along the way ........ I lost all my tool bar icons. Now, any program I "minimize" simply disappears. I have no idea what I could possibly have clicked on, and I can't find any options to fix it. Anyone have ANY idea what's going on?