View Full Version : [ubuntu] Missing icons in Unity lanucher when using Fglrx (12.04)

February 5th, 2013, 05:55 PM
About a month ago the icons in Unity suddenly disappeared. I tried
unity --reset and a bunch of other things I read here in the forums but the problem persisted and I switched to Gnome 3. Yesterday I reinstalled Ubuntu and had the icons with the Open Source drivers for Ati. But these drivers don't give me the desired 3D performance and furthermore it seems the GPU has cooling problems with them because the laptop is hot and the fan (which is very loud) spins all the time on high RPMs. That's why I decided to install FGLRX hoping I will have the icons this time. But they disappeared again... when I uninstalled it the appeared again.

Here are some screens - these are made with kernel 3.5 and modded drivers that can work with kernel 3.5 but the same happens on kernel 3.2 with the ones from the official repository. The card is Ati 4500/5100 (legacy ones).