View Full Version : Member Pics 2013

February 4th, 2013, 05:48 AM
I've been roaming around the forums here for some time, and thought it would be nice if we could all upload a photo or two of ourselves so we have a face to tie to those cute little screen names we've all come up with, :-) It may give a little more of a "human" element to this forum about "Linux for Human Beings".

Be mindful of how large your images are to avoid people on slower connections having issues viewing the page.

Here are two I took today. I decided to go for a walk around our property just to check things out and to enjoy being out in the woods for a while. I took the second one because I didn't think the first one got a good shot of the mountains behind me, but I was by myself so it took me about 5 minutes of trying to balance my phone between the forks of a tree to get a good shot of something other than the ground, so even though I'm off-center and have a strange expression, I went with it. The animal behind me is just my dog, Savage.