View Full Version : AMDCCLE reset settings on reboot

February 3rd, 2013, 09:35 PM

I'm sorry for posting this, I bet alot of you have already answered this question but.. I have it, I can't find the solution. I'm not any masterhead with Linux anyway, I'd just like to test it out in actual use while my actual hard drive is on warranty change. Maybe if I'd get this one thing working... I could use it and see if it would meet my requirements :p

The problem is that whenever I reboot my PC, my ATI drivers settings has been reseted. I have HD5770, and my screens are 27" 1920x1080 and 19" 1440x900.
The main issue is that without overscaling my 27" FJ screen has these over one centimeter long black blocks every side of the screen. It's not hard to overscale by using the catalyst center but it's god damn annoying to use it everytime when I restart the system.

Also had this weird problem when trying to install the drivers anyway, got an error because there was "one or more tools required for installation missing." Got that one working with sudo apt-get install linux-headers-generic, but another annoying bug was waiting for me right behind it. Or is it a bug?

The Ubuntu I'm trying to test out is 64bit 12.10.
Drivers are the newest stable from AMD ATI website, 13.1.
Should I try 32bit ubuntu instead, even if I have 64bit processor?

I also tried Linux Mint, 64bit Cinnamon, but hell, when I installed the drivers and restarted the PC, all I had was this white " _ " in the upper left corner and got stuck there. I'd just want to test out ubuntu.