View Full Version : Motorisation, voice control, theoretical workstation.

January 29th, 2013, 11:31 PM
I have this idea for a wallmounted screen with a rack containing the keyboard and a touchpad for the mouse.

Basically I want to issue a voice command of my choosing and have the rack lower automatically and lock in place so I can use the keyboard and touchpad stuck to it.

Now I have no experience with voice control, none with motors or servos (I'm guessing it would take more than servos to make that work unless you used hydraulics or something) and little with electronics.

On the assumption that this will be one of those projects I'll never start never mind finish, what would I need to get this working hardware wise?

And I'd love to get some nice voice control working but I don't know if there's any decent (preferably open source) voice recog software.