View Full Version : [ubuntu] About skype and WLM

January 29th, 2013, 10:32 PM
Hello, I have a question. It is of my knowledge that windows live messenger AKA msn messenger services will end and there will be a transition to skype. I was not adviced in my Mint of that, I only knew when I log on windows, so how it is going to be to Linux users, will the msn protocol be supported by skype, even being beta in ubuntu/mint/debian. Has anyone news about what I should do to keep all my contacts, should I still use pidgin or skype? Will my yahoo contacts be maintained? A few contacts of mine use yahoo messenger and I could have them on my wlm because MSN and Yahoo had a protocol.


Man I am 22 years old and I feel like an old guy, I remember being a kid using Msn Messenger to chat on Windows NT. And one more question, I have some contacts I don't want to see me logged on, because I blocked them and something. For example there was this girl which I added on messenger but she never accepted me there, and then she posted about me in a blog, I don't want her to see on her skype, because she has the same nick for both skype and wlm, for example imagine her nickname is "ilovecandy" for skype and "ilovecandy@hotmail.com" for wlm (I made them up, don't search it) if she associates both her two accounts ilovecandy and ilovecandy@hotmail.com will she see me online? Because she never accepted my requested like I said, but those things are bound to happen.
Sorry if I was repetitive, anyway if someone could answer me asap, because wlm is ending on the 31, I would love to know, specially about the last question. I remember when a friend of mine imported his contacts from wlm to another messenger (a local one) he saw all his contacts, even the deleted ones log on it, it was really messy, and for someone like me who has his account since 2003, well I don't want to stomp on old contacts.