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January 28th, 2013, 06:03 PM
This isn't something to be solved, as such, so I'm hoping not get told off for posting it here. I tried some years ago to set up remote desktop control to my mother-in-laws Ubuntu pc from mine (both running 12.04) using ssh - but as a newbie I got myself into a mess. Since then I have been using a product called Teamviewer which is very good - I can even do file transfer which is very useful. However, it has some draw backs and I keep wondering if I can use something secure like ssh between two ubuntu machines that would be better. Most searches get into differnet OSs and complex networks and for me very confusing - I just want a simple, but secure connection, between two 12.04 machines between London and the South Coast. After a few years I have got some confidence with ubuntu/the terminal and beginning to understand some of the language. Can you point me to a good resource that will take me through what I need to do to set up a secure connection between these two machines? Ideally the server (my mother-in-law) would not have to do much when it is set up - just me at the client end to set up the connection.