View Full Version : [ubuntu] install librsync1 rdiff sqlite3 for just cloud to upgade os

January 25th, 2013, 02:00 AM
I am running 10.10 and I want to upgrade to 12.04. I want to upload my files to justcloud, I download their 32 bit app for linux (version and when I try to install it with ubuntu software centre I get this error. I start the installation and it comes up with a message
Requires installation of untrusted packages... details show the package as
librsync1 rdiff sqlite3... select ok authenticate and the install button goes gray and then pops back to white and nothing is installed. I contacted justcloud support and they said only debian is supported. So here we are
does anyone have any ideas
1 can i even instll librsync1 rdiff sqlite3 on 10.10?
2 are there other installed or not installed packages or files that I can use to get the app installed
3 should I give up and try another linux cloud site?
4 I have searched goggle and this forum with no luck
any help would be appreciated
thanks in advance]
thanks in advance