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January 21st, 2013, 09:33 AM
Hello, to begin with sorry if this is in the wrong place, feel free to move it.

I am wondering if there is a way to automatically boot into a TTY terminal when I turn on my laptop. I am running 12.04, with Gnome 3 as my main enviroment.

I would ideally like Gnome 3 or any type of graphical interface to not start automatically, and instead just have a TTY, and be able to start a GUI session through some sort of command when it suits.

Sorry if I am being nclear, thank you for your help

The Cog
January 21st, 2013, 10:12 AM
Edit the file /etc/init/lightdm.conf and comment out the "start on" section (lines 11-16) so it looks like this:
#start on ((filesystem
#and runlevel [!06]
#and started dbus
#and (drm-device-added card0 PRIMARY_DEVICE_FOR_DISPLAY=1
#or stopped udev-fallback-graphics))
#or runlevel PREVLEVEL=S)

You will need to do this under sudo on order to gain the required access rights. On a tty, use the command
sudp nano /etc/init/lightdm.conf or in a GUI you can do
gksu gedit /etc/init/lightdm.conf
Then to start/stop the desktop manager manually,

sudo service lightdm start
sudo lightdm service stop