View Full Version : [ubuntu] 12.04 Unity: switching between windows within a workspace

Dr Kayak
January 20th, 2013, 03:13 AM
For example: I have two terminal windows open in a workspace; I open firefox, which gets auto-maximized to obscure the terminal windows; and I want to toggle through the three windows in the workspace.

Initially, as indicated in System Settings > Keyboard > Navigation, ALT+ESC would 'switch windows directly', as desired. Later, after I installed 'ccsm' and enabled Grid (in an attempt to disable window auto-maximization), ALT+ESC no longer has any effect -- unless I happen to invoke it while focused on a terminal window, when I get the message, "Display all 2629 possibilities? (y or n)". Pressing the super key now reveals a different array of shortcuts from those I see in the keyboard System Settings mentioned above, and none of them appears to do what ALT+ESC used to do.

ALT+TAB appears to cycle between the windows in the workspace and a 'show desktop' option. If you stop on the latter, you have to manually restore the other windows by re-cycling and stopping on each one of them individually (I think; I have actually 'lost' windows this way). There must be a better way.

The bigger question is, what tools should I be using to address things like this? The System Settings are so sparse that I finally gave in and installed 'ccsm', which is referred to in many web solutions (as are ubuntu-tweak, myunity, gconf.editor, dconf.editor, and others). But what has precedence over what? Shouldn't the keyboard shortcuts indicated in the System Settings be the ones that are operative?

Thanks in advance.