View Full Version : server board S875WP1-E memory idea

January 18th, 2013, 12:15 AM
Board has 4 slots
I know it will support 4 x 1gb memory

Does anyone looking at this know it will support 2 x 2gb memory?


3.1.2 Memory Subsystem
The server board S875WP1-E provides four DIMM slots and supports a maximum memory
capacity of 4 GB. The DIMM organization is x72, which includes eight ECC check bits. ECC from
the DIMMs are passed through to the processorís system bus. Memory scrubbing, single-bit
error correction and multiple-bit error detection is supported. Memory can be implemented with
either single-sided (one row) or double-sided (two row) DIMMs.
Table 2. Supported Memory Configuration