View Full Version : [ubuntu] Bridge managed wlan to eth

January 17th, 2013, 04:33 PM
Hi guys,
I've done a lot of searching and can't seem to find a way to do this yet.
I need some way to bridge my wired ethernet connection on my pc to my managed (client) wireless card. bridge-utils won't/can't add wlan0 to a bridge while it is managed and NAT type solutions won't work as I need to be able to connect to the device on the eth side from the wlan side. This removes all "internet sharing" type options.
I've seen some posts with tun and tap, but I can't figure out how that would tie in with eth0.
Using wlan0 as an AP won't work as that connection is used to connect to the wireless side of the network.
If anyone could help it would be great. Last thing I need to ditch Win7