View Full Version : [ubuntu] Large Storage Solution Needed

January 11th, 2013, 03:33 AM
I need a large storage solution for Ubuntu. By large I mean 6-12TB in something like a raid 6 which means 4-6 3TB drives, maybe 7 drives if you add in a hot spare.

I thought I had a great solution in the mediasonic 8 bay USB 3.0 enclosure. However so far it has been pretty buggy and drives appear an disappear at random. Maybe I will have better luck with it witha new SATA controler rather than USB 3.0 but that has yet to be seen.

What I am wondering is there anybody out there will a large storage solution running under ubuntu who is happy with the hardware/software?

I hate to have to go the expense of buying a full 8 bay NAS when I all I really need is a way to reliably mount 4-7 additional drives on my ubuntu box. I actually prefer a mdadm based solution but I would consider a hardware raid. I am not really in it for the performance I am in it for the size and the redundancy.

Anybody have a solution that works for them?