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January 8th, 2013, 08:57 PM
I want to know about Ubuntu Mobile
Not putting ubuntu on somehow, but like this one

I use Lubuntu always on laptop, Ubuntu sometimes on PC, and I would not say no to another ubuntu thing.

I want to know whether ubuntu mobile is proper linux EG- ( I probabaly should not use the word proper

Will it have a full and fully functioning command line?
Will it have software like on desktop, so can programs be installed even if they are not specificially designed for ubuntu?
Is it open source?
Can I install it on my tablet, somehow, like ubuntu can be installed on any PC via a CD or DVD
Can you use GNOME, LXDE, EDE, KDE, et cetera, and other desktop enviroments
Will it have Ubuntu software center
Is it like regular ubuntu, but on a phone

Also, Is ubuntu for android, and Ubuntu mobile the same thing? What is the difference?


January 8th, 2013, 09:25 PM
I think we should wait for next week and see the phone unveiling at CES, I want one and have questions too! :D

January 10th, 2013, 08:48 AM
My interpretation of press release / video (combined with guesswork):

There are to be 2 versions: a phone only version for "budget" smartphones; a desktop on phone for "high end" smartphones. The former may have a more limited capability.
Only the high-end version will allow a full desktop, and then only when plugged into a dock; this version would be expected to have full application support etc
It is based on Android - so the underpinnings are open source; the high-end desktop on phone is supposed to be a full Ubuntu desktop, so should be open source. No commitment to open source the phone interface yet.
If the phone interface source is released as open source, I'm sure that someone will port it to common tablets at some point. But it won't be a "one size fits all" installation like a PC - it will require compiling by hardware (since phones do not yet have the excess processing / RAM / storage capacity to load every driver available) - similar to Android custom ROMs.
Alternative desktop environments (like Gnome etc) may make a mess of the phone interface - unsure about this. Pretty sure no standard alternative desktop environments will be available for the phone interface (unless Gnome, KDE etc decide this is a worthwhile area to pursue). Perhaps new launchers, file managers, dialling apps etc will be created by third parties like for Android?
The Ubuntu software centrr will be a feature. I presume this will remain an open area, rather than a phone / carrier locked store. ARM phones will obviously require ARM-compiled software. Canonical have stated that the same apps should run on both phone and desktop, just with minor variations for the display sizes (similar to how some web pages resize for phone displays) - hence they anticipate the Ubuntu software centre being the same for phones and PCs
The high-end docked desktop version is supposed to be regular ubuntu
Ubuntu phone and Ubuntu for Android are different projects: the latter uses an Ubuntu desktop when docked but Android phone; the former has Ubuntu docked desktop and Ubuntu phone. Seems like they are competing against each other in my eyes (so I think the less successful will fall by the wayside at some point).
Canonical are keen to allow customization / control of phones by OEMs and carriers (like Android). i.e. the phones on sale may have restrictions as default (and hence would need rooting to "free" them).