View Full Version : [ubuntu] Samba W7 Troubles

January 8th, 2013, 01:21 AM
Hello Ubuntu community,

First off I'd like to say I'm new to all the Ubuntu stuff, but so far it's pretty neat. I'd like to apologize in advance if this thread is in the wrong area as well.

Anyway, I'm having troubles with Samba. I'm trying to set up an old PC as a file server for my home network. So far, my W7 machine can see the server, and look through the files, but cannot add files to it.

I tried this on a standard user account, which it did not work on. However, when I enabled the default "Administrator" account in W7, it let me write files to the file server. Does anybody have a fix for this so that any user on the PC would be able to write files to the server, and not just the default Administrator account?